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Geoinformation Sharing Infrastructure for East and Southeast Asia (GSi) International Workshop

Co-funded by the Geological Survey of Japan, AIST and the Geological Agency of Indonesia, the First International Workshop of the CCOP Geoinformation Sharing Infrastructure for East and Southeast Asia (GSi) Project was held on 20-22 September 2016 at Hotel Kusuma Sahid Prince, Solo, Indonesia. Forty-seven (47) participants from the member countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, and Thailand) including the staff of the CCOP Technical Secretariat (CCOP TS) attended the workshop.

Dr Adichat Surinkum, Director of the CCOP Technical Secretariat welcomed all the participants to the workshop and Dr Ego Syahrial, Permanent Representative of Indonesia to CCOP and Head of Geological Agency gave the opening address. Dr Shinji Takarada of the Geological Survey of Japan (GSJ), AIST introduced the progress of GSi Project to all the participants and Dr Joel Bandibas of GSJ, AIST presented the status of the GSi system development.

All the CCOP member countries represented in the workshop gave a report on their preliminary 5-years data upload plan, name of national and data coordinators, progress of data upload and portal site, requests and suggestions on GSi project and country’s current status of Spatial Data Information System and extent of Geographic Information System usage. Mr Simplicio Caluyong of the CCOP Technical Secretariat presented the CCS-M and KIGAM Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources Project’s plan of publishing data through the GSi System.  Hands-on training on the usage of the GSi System with real data, and on mobile web gis development, including discussion of naming conventions was conducted by Dr Bandibas on the first and second day of the workshop.

Discussion on the GSi system development, data policy, five years working plan, server preparation plan, system development team, collaboration among CCOP member countries, useful applications, data analysis, collaborations with other major projects was made.   

The meeting agreed the project’s five-years working plan as follows:

  • Each country will have at least one preliminary portal site by end of October 2016.  This will be introduced at the 50th year anniversary of CCOP celebration during the 52nd CCOP Annual Session in Bangkok, Thailand, 31 October – 3 November 2016.
  • Official release of the GSi System in September 2018, with datasets using agreed naming convention, metadata and keywords.
  • Make a Training Manual in local language, if possible.
  • Training Course on data preparation and data upload in each institute may be organized.

Currently, the project has 2 cloud servers:

  1. CCOP GSi Server, http://ccop-gsi.org
  2. GSJ Geoinfo Server, http://ccop-geoinfo.org

Each country may consider having their own server for the GSi system to store their own data. Providing some useful applications and data analysis tool in the GSi system may be considered.  For example, mobile applications (eg faults, hazards maps), field data capturing system (e.g. outcrop data, pictures, route maps), hazards assessment system, quick disaster area mapping, landslide susceptibility mapping, land use suitability mapping and volcanic hazards assessment.

Collaboration with other major projects are being considered, such as OneGeology (try to register selected data), other CCOP Projects (Groundwater, CCS-M, 1:1M Seamless Geological Map, KIGAM Unconventional Oil & Gas Resources Project, etc), ASEAN Mineral Resources Database, G-Ever (Geohazards data) and Global Earthquake Model (GEM), etc.  

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