"To facilitate and coordinate the implementation of applied geoscience programmes in East and Southeast Asia in order to contribute to economic development and an improved quality of life within the region."

East Asia Geoscience and Environmental Research (EAGER) Project

The 41st Steering Committee had endorsed the implementation of EAGER-a trust fund set up in the Geological Society of America with personal contribution of Dr Rick Terman, CCOP Honorary Advisor, to be used for funding research in geoscience in the region. Under the programme, Dr Maurice J. “Ric” Terman generously proposed a contribution of USD 100,000 as principal for the EAGER fund. Proceeds of the principal sum estimated at 5% per annum, (USD 5 000 per year) will be made available as grant(s) for final year PhD student or for post-Doctoral research in Geoscience and Environment in East Asia.


The grant will be available for candidates from the Member Country hosting the Annual Session with the proceeds of the principal sum only will be used to finance the grant.


CCOP will assist in the implementation of the Grant and the procedure is outlined in the project proposal attached, and summarized briefly as follows:


  • The grant will be made available to candidates of Member Country hosting the CCOP Annual Session.
  • Hosting Member Country will select candidates (up to 10) who must be GSA members (annual subscription USD 30/-).
  • Cooperating Country and Organization representatives and Advisors will review the short-listed candidates
  • Chairman Advisory Group will synthesize the reviews of representatives and advisors, with rankings and recommends the final grant(s) to GSA and CCOP.
  • Successful candidate will be formally recognized during the CCOP Annual Session.

Recipients of EAGER Grant

2007Dr. Maybellyn A. Zepeda, Supervising Science Research Specialist, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Mines and Geosciences Bureau, The Philippines

            Research Work:

            Early Maastrichtian Short-Term Climate Events: Evidences Based on Foraminifera Response and Isotope Records.

2006Mr. Seung-Pil Jung, PhD Student, School of Civil, Urban, and Geosystems Engineering, Seoul National University

            Research Work:

            Integration of DFN Model and Production Data for the Characterization of a Fractured Reservoir Using the Ensemble Kalman Filter

2005Ms. Pan Xiao–Fie, PhD student, Institute of Geology and Geophysics Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China

            Research Work:

            The pressure depth temperature regime (P-T-X) for fluid infiltration and auriferous fluid source of two typical Indosinian gold deposits, the Nanjinshan and the Jinwozi, in the Beishan mountains

2004Ms. Zhen Li, PhD Student, Nagoya University, Japan

            Research Work:

            High Resolution Climate Change and the Human Impacts on the Song Hong Delta Areas Vietnam during the Holocene

2003Ms. Marilah Sarman, PhD Candidate, Institute of the Environment and Development, LESTARI, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

            Research Work:

            Geological Heritage Resources Database for Conservation and Sustainable Use : The Case of Langkawi Islands

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