"To facilitate and coordinate the implementation of applied geoscience programmes in East and Southeast Asia in order to contribute to economic development and an improved quality of life within the region."

PETRAD Seminars

Petrad - International Programme for Petroleum Management and Administration is a Norwegian Government Foundation established by Norad - Norwegian International Agency for Development Cooperation and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate in 1989 to coordinate and facilitate sharing of knowledge and experience within the Petroleum Sector. This is done through tailor- made courses, seminars and projects in cooperation with Government Institutions and National Oil Companies in developing and industrializing countries. Experts and lecturers for the various activities come mainly from the Norwegian Petroleum Authorities, Norwegian and International Petroleum Industry, Universities and R&D Institutions. However, a large number of international lecturers have also made their contributions.

Petrad has been conducting tailor-made courses and seminars together with CCOP Member Countries since 1985.  In addition, Petrad’s 8-week course on Petroleum Management is also offered to the CCOP Member Countries, and has been held every year in Stavenger, Norwaysince 1991. These scholarships have been made available through NORAD and the Norwegian Ministry of Oil and Energy.

Petrad also arranged EPF/94 - Exploration Promotion Forum in conjunction with the World Petroleum Congress in Stavanger, Norway, in June 1994. This was a great success. Petrad sponsored on this occasion 26 experts from 6 CCOP Members and CCOP TS. Petrad also assisted CCOP with the arrangement of another EPF in August 2002 in conjunction with ONS – Offshore Northern Seas Exhibition and Conference. The Official CCOP Delegation consisted of 25 persons. In addition there were another 25 representatives from CCOP Members who participated in the ONS-EPF.

The following seminars have been arranged in cooperation with CCOP:

Petrad Seminars in 2006

  • Advanced Seismic Analysis, Malaysia, 6-8 March
  • Drilling, Downhole Technology and Well Services, China, 24-26 April
  • Deepwater Technology Seminar - "Creating Local Value From Deepwater Development", Malaysia, 22-25 May
  • Crisis communication - planning and preparedness, Thailand, 22-23 June
  • Petroleum Policy and Management, China, 14-18 August 
  • Drilling and Well Services, Malaysia, 4-6 September 
  • Brown Fields, Malaysia, 11-13 December

Petrad Seminars in 2005

  • Deepwater Technology, China, 12-15 January
  • IOR-EOR Technologies, China, 11-14 April
  • EOR Application and High CO2 Gas Field Development, Malaysia, 1-2 August
  • 1-Day Workshop on Integrating high CO2 Gas Field Development and EOR Implementation, Malaysia, 3 August
  • Petroleum Policy, Regulations, Administration and Tools in Upstream and Downstream Petroleum Management, Indonesia, 5-9 December

Petrad Seminars in 2004

  • Reservoir Management and Technology, China, 12-15 January
  • Gas Infrastructure Governance Process, Vietnam, 9-11 February
  • Operations and Maintenance, China, 8-12 March  
  • HSE Management, China, 26-30 July
  • Petroleum Geochemical Exploration, China, 9-13 August
  • EnterpriseRisk Management, Thailand, 23-24 November

Petrad Seminars in 2003

  • National Competence Requirement in Drilling and Well Technology,Thailand, 6 February
  • Life Cycle Management of Oil/Gas Fields, Malaysia, 5-6 March
  • Risk Management, China, 2-4 April
  • CO2, Gas Conservation Effort Towards "Zero Flaring" Target, Malaysia, 25-27 June

Petrad Seminars in 2002

  • IOR-EOR, Vietnam, 11-13 March
  • Deep Water Technology, China, 8-10 April
  • National Data Centers, Indonesia, 15 and 16 April
  • Deep Water Technology, Malaysia, 13-15 May
  • EPF- Exploration Promotion Forum, Norway, 26-30 August
  • Gas - Exploration, Production, Utilities, China, 9-11 October
  • Petroleum Exploration Development, Cambodia, 2-5 December

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