CCOP-KIGAM Unconventional Oil and gas Project

Case Study

UCM7: UC Project 7th National Coordinators Meeting and Workshop

Mar. 28, 2017 - Mar. 30, 2017, Bangkok

The CCOP Technical Secretariat in cooperation with Korea Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources (KIGAM), and Department of Mineral Fuels, Thailand (DMF) conducted UCM7 on 28-30 March 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand.  UCM7 is part of a series of CCOP meetings/workshops applying the Guideline Methodology for the assessment of oil and gas shale resources in the CCOP region.  The UC Project is using the EIA/ARI methodology for world shale gas and shale oil resource assessment (June 2013) as the Guideline Methodology for CCOP.

UCM8: UC Project 8th National Coordinators Meeting and Workshop

Jul. 18, 2017 - Jul. 20, 2017, Yogyakarta

UCM8 was conducted at the Grand Inna Malioboro Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 18 -20 July 2017 and focused on shale oil / gas resource assessment.  The technical presentations covered various case studies on volumetric calculation and on how to handle the uncertainties, particularly geological uncertainties.  Resource persons from Indonesia, BGS, KIGAM and other CCOP Countries led workshops and discussions.

UCM9: UC Project 9th National Coordinators Meeting and Workshop

Oct. 12, 2017 - Oct. 14, 2017, Cebu, Philippines