CCOP-KIGAM Unconventional Oil and gas Project

UCM2: UC Project 2nd National Coordinators Meeting / Workshop and Launching of the CCOP - KIGAM Unconventional Oil Gas Resources (UC) Project

Jun. 09, 2015

Documents from UCM2:

  1. Program UCM2
  2. Note for Information
  3. List of Participants
  4. UCM2 Summary Report
  5. Photos - please visit the UCM2 Gallery
  6. Presentations:
    1. UC Project Background and Status Report - Mr Simplicio Caluyong, Project Coordinator, CCOP Technical Secretariat
    2. Mapping and Assessment of Shale Resources in the CCOP Region - Dr Young Joo Lee, KIGAM
    3. Overview of Shale Gas Exploration and Development in China - Mr Zhou Qingfan, PEPRIS, SINOPEC, China
    4. Overview of Unconventional Oil and Gas Potentials and Exploration Activities in Japan - Dr Yuichiro Suzuki, GSJ
    5. Shale Hydrocarbon potential in the South Sumatra Basin - Ms Julikah, LEMIGAS, Indonesia
    6. Shale Characterization: a case study from Central Sumatra basin - Mr  Asep Kurnia Permana, Geological Agency Indonesia
    7. Geochemical Data Analysis of organic-rich formations in Korean Cretaceous and Cenozoic basins - Dr Young-Jae Shinn, KIGAM
    8. Shale Potentials in Phitsanulok and Sakhon basins (Thailand) - Mr Apichart Jeenagool, DMF, Thailand
    9. Shale Pontential: Onshore Vietnam - Mr Hoang Huu Hiep, PetroVietnam
    10. Overview of Shale HC Potential in Offshore East Malaysia - Mr Fazili, PETRONAS
    11. PNG Onshore basins with Shale resources potential - Mr Gregory Balavue, DPE, PNG
    12. Unconventional Oil and Gas Potential in the Philippines - Mr Gil Ansay, DOE, Philippines
  7. Dr Christopher Schenk (USGS) Presentations
    1. USGS Assessments of Unconv Gas and Oil Resources - US Experience
    2. USGS Assessment Methodology
    3. Shale Gas Reservoirs
    4. Shale Oil and Tight Oil Reservoirs
    5. Geology and Assessment of Low and Permeability (Tight) Gas Reservoirs
    6. Geology and Assessment of Coalbed Gas Resources
    7. Chum Saeng Shale Oil and Shale Gas, Phitsanulok basin
    8. Geology and Assessment of Unconventional Resources of Jordan
  8. References- EIA-ARI (June 2013)
    1. Shale Resource Assessment- case studies
    2. EIA/ARI World Shale Gas and Shale Oil Resource Assessment (June 2013)
  9. Field Work Guide
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