CCOP-KIGAM Unconventional Oil and gas Project

UnCon12: UnCon Project 12th National Coordinators Meeting and Workshop

Oct. 02, 2018
  1. Program 
  2. Note for Information - The hotel venue, airport transfers and other logisitic-related information.
  3. UnCon Project Final Report 2018 (Summary report of UnCon12 included)
  4. Presentations and Discussions:
    1. Introduction and Background of UnCon12 - Byeong-Kook Son, KIGAM
    2. Resource Assessment Methodology:  Comparison between the USGS and EIA - Kyungbook Lee, KIGAM
    3. Monte Carlo Simulation - Kyungbook Lee, KIGAM
    4. Country Reports:
      1. Cambodia
      2. China
      3. Indonesia
      4. Japan
      5. Lao PDR
      6. Malaysia
      7. Myanmar
      8. Papua New Guinea (PNG)
      9. Philippines
      10. Thailand
      11. Vietnam
    5. Field Trip Guide Book
  5. References:  BGS/EIA Shale Oil and Shale Gas Resource Estimation
    1. The Carboniferous Bowland Shale gas study: geology and resource estimation (Main Report)
    2. Appendices to ‘The Carboniferous Bowland Shale Gas Report: Geology And Resource Estimation’
    3. The Jurassic shales of the Weal Basin:  geology and shale oil and shale gas resource estimation
    4. The Jurassic shales of the Wessex area:  geology and shale oil and shale gas resource estimation
    5. EIA/ARI Shale Gas and Shale Oil Resource Assessment Methodology
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