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Message from the CCOP Technical Secretariat Director

Welcome to CCOP Website!
It is my great honor and privilege to introduce CCOP through this new website.
CCOP (Coordinating Committee for Geoscience Programmes in East and Southeast Asia) is a unique intergovernmental organization in the region dealing with all the geoscientific issues of the region by international partnership.

CCOP has been established since 1966 within UN-ECAFE (now UN-ESCAP) and became an Intergovernmental Organization in 1987. CCOP currently comprised of 16 Member Countries, 14 Cooperating Countries and 17 Cooperating Organizations throughout the world. For more than 55 years, CCOP has provided a strong foundation of bi-lateral and multi-lateral cooperation for its Member Countries, the Cooperating Countries and Cooperating Organizations.

The new CCOP’s 5-year Strategic Plan for 2021-2025 has a Vision of “To be the Leading International Geoscience Organization for Sustainable Development in East and Southeast Asia” and a Mission “To work together on advancing geoscience for better lives on future earth and achieving the goals of international conventions”.

The new strategic plan aims to support “Geoscience partnership for Sustainable Development and better lives on Future Earth” through three strategic aims: I) the provision of geoscience solution, advice & information; II) adapting to digital transformation in geoscience for future earth; III) promotion of geoscience education, capability building& outreach.

I believe that our new website of CCOP will play a crucial role in materializing all the important action items of our new Strategic Plan by providing and sharing information from CCOP Member Countries, Cooperating Countries and Cooperating Organizations. In particular, I hope that this new website of CCOP will substantially contribute to specifying digital transformation and preparing future earth, which are the basic direction of our CCOP Strategic Aim 2.

Once again, thank you very much for visiting our CCOP website and I hope you have a great time exploring it.

Thank you,
Dr. Young Joo LEE
Director, CCOP Technical Secretariat