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Publications on CCOP History

50th Year Anniversary of CCOP, Unveiling Stories in Geoscience Development for Society, 2016

In celebration of all that the CCOP family have achieved together during the last half a century, this Jubilee Book of CCOP traces the growth of CCOP since its foundation in May 1966, highlighting the development of the CCOP Network and CCOP Projects and pointing the way forward for geoscience in the service of society.

Chapters 1 and 2 of this pictorial book have been written by the Chief Editor, Dr. Anthony Reedman, as an extraction from the extensive archive to highlight milestones of CCOP since its birth, through growing and changing to an intergovernmental organisation. Meanwhile, Chapter 3 is a collaborative effort by representatives of all Member Countries, together with project leaders from cooperating countries and organisations and the CCOP Technical Secretariat. It includes multiple selective topics in the timeline from 2004 up to the present, covering projects and events which we, Member Countries, believe have most influenced the course of the organisation’s development as well as reflecting multilateral participation.

This book is of 106 pages in color, available both in printed and electronic format.  The PDF version available for download is around 11MB filesize.




CCOP Through the Years, 2016

Timeless memories compilation contributed by Member Countries, Cooperating Countries, Cooperating Organizations, Honorary Advisers and former Technical Secretariat staff, in celebration of CCOP’s golden jubilee.

The downloadable PDF version of this book is of around 5MB filesize.


A World of Difference, Forty Years of the Coordinating Committee for Geoscience Programmes in East and Southeast Asia (CCOP), 1996-2006

Year 2006 marks the 40th Anniversary of the Coordinating Committee for Geoscience Programmes in East and Southeast Asia (CCOP).  To commemorate this important event, the CCOP Steering Committee, during the 46th Steering Committee Meeting in China, September 2005, endorsed a proposal to publish a book on the history of CCOP.  Two senior members of the CCOP ‘family’, Dr Anthony Reedman and Dr Yoshihiko Shimazaki, both CCOP Honorary Advisers, offered to research and write the book.  This saw the start of the ‘History of CCOP Project’. Fittingly, one of the authors, Dr Shimazaki, was himself present at the actual birth of CCOP in 1966.

Exactly a year has passed since the two distinguished authors embarked on their task and now we see the fruit of their labours with the publication of this valuable book “A World of Difference: 40 Years of CCOP”.  Not only are the facts of the forty years of our Organization’s distinguished past presented, but also included is the human side of the history gathered from the contributions and fond memories of various members of the CCOP ‘family’. As one of these contributors states, the call for contributions to this 40th anniversary publication “had upon me the same effect as opening a box full of photographs of the past”.  These photographic glimpses of the history of CCOP brought back many happy memories of the Organization. They are the pictorial milestones of CCOP’s forty years of achievement and progress.

The birth of CCOP in 1966 within UN-ECAFE (now UN-ESCAP), and the twenty years of UNDP support that nurtured CCOP into a fine organization that could well stand on its own feet when it became an Intergovernmental Organization in 1987 are all documented. The long list of projects and activities supported by the Cooperating Countries, other donor countries and bodies and international agencies that have brought tremendous benefits to the Member Countries are described. 

An Organization is made up of people.  CCOP is unique in that all those who are involved are members of a CCOP ‘family’.  The truth is that when at the CCOP’s Annual Session, whether working together or mixing socially after work, the feeling is of a gathering of family members.  We may be from different countries, different ethnic, cultural, religious and lingual backgrounds, but we treat each other with the greatest respect, courtesy, trust, and goodwill.  It is not an exaggeration to say that CCOP has provided a unique platform for promoting regional cooperation, building trust and networks, and facilitating sharing and exchange of information, knowledge, and experience that are all so vital to Member Countries to accelerate their development. 

This publication on the history of CCOP is dedicated to the many people who, during the past forty years, have contributed to create a “world of difference” for both our Organization and the geoscientific community in the region.  

The downloadable PDF version of this history book is of 11.5MB filesize.