CCOP Research Center on Urban Geology (CCOP-RCUG)

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Duration: started 2020 (on-going)

Funding Source:  China Geological Survey (CGS), Ministry of Natural Resources, People’s Republic of China


Project Summary / Brief Description

The Nanjing Center of China Geological Survey of China proposed to cooperate with CCOP to establish of the CCOP Research Centre on Urban Geology in Nanjing, China. 

The Centre’s Technical Secretariat consists of a Secretary General, two deputy secretary-generals and five staff as is necessary for the proper functioning of the Centre.

1.  The Centre administered by a steering committee composed of:

  • a representative of CGS;
  • a representative of CCOP;
  • one specialist from every CCOP member country and cooperative country.

2. The steering committee:

  • responsible for making the development plan and annual work plan of the Centre;
  • provide international job consultation and market demand information;
  • put forward proposals for international cooperation projects of the Centre.

The Panel of experts composed of: Urban geologists from CCOP MCs and CCs. CCOP provides advice in the formulation of the short, middle and long term programmes of the Centre in accordance with the strategic goals and objectives of the Centre. CCOP undertakes to:

  • Be in conformity with the relevant policies of CCOP, associate the Centre in the implementation of agreed-upon urban geology activities within the framework of its regular budgets and programmes, particularly those appropriate reinforce its start-up period;
  • Encourage the international governmental and non-governmental financial entities, as well as the Member Countries of CCOP to provide financial and technical assistance and to propose appropriate projects to the Centre, and facilitate contacts with other international organizations relevant to the Centre;
  • Provide the Centre with CCOP publications and other pertinent materials and disseminating information on the activities of the Centre via CCOP website, newsletters and other mechanisms at its disposal;
  • Participate in the scientific, organizational and training meetings held by the Centre.


Establish the CCOP Research Centre on Urban Geology (CCOP-RCUG) to promote the cooperation between CGS and CCOP in the field of urban geology following 

  • Exchange of geologists and specialists;
  • Urban Geology information exchange;
  • Cooperative research on key problems;
  • Periodic symposia and lectures; and 
  • Other forms of cooperation are mutually agreed.


  • Establishments of:  the international think tank; the international cooperation and communication platform; and the International Information sharing platform;
  • Carrying out international urban geological survey;
  • Holding international symposium of the Research Center on Urban Geology.