CCOP-KOREA MOFA Energy Internship Program

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The CCOP-KOREA MOFA Energy Internship Program provides internship opportunities to dispatch interns to international organizations in the energy field to support our young people's advancement to international organizations and to support the development of energy professionals and global talent.

We encouraged

  • Male or Female, age not over 30 years old.
  • Major in Geoscience, Information Technology or International Relationships
  • Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Office (Word/Excel/PowerPoint), and experience in IT Computer will be an advantage.
  • Pleasant personality, pro-active, enthusiastic, flexible and open-minded.
  • Mature, flexible, with good interpersonal and coordinating skills.
  • Duration of Internship: 6 months at least

Intern Qualifications

  • Assist to organize technical activities, communicate with participants / local organizers during planning and execution of those activity assignments.
  • Assist to the library in maintaining Library records, cataloging of publications, subscription and exchange.
  • Assist to the website maintenance and update.



For the 2019 CCOP-KOREA MOFA Energy Internship program, the following were selected. 


1. Ms. Jisoo Kwak

Thanks to the warm welcome of Director Dr. Lee and CCOP staff, I was able to adapt quickly. As an international studies major, I was able to acquire a variety of knowledge through initial planning of the Annual Session, organizing data within CCOP, and communicating with local staff, even though I had little information on geology. Although it was a short period of time, we were able to grow quickly because we received a lot of help from CCOP's work methods and know-how. Through this experience, I was able to easily prepare for employment upon returning to Korea. We would like to thank the MOFA and CCOP for giving us this great opportunity, and we hope for CCOP’s continued development.



2. Ms. Juhee Seo

As an earth and environmental science major, my internship remains an even more valuable experience as it is related to CCOP's goals and activities. Due to the nature of geology, it is difficult to gain job experience without the support of a master's degree or higher, but the MOFA Energy Internship Program eased the barrier, and CCOP actively opened its doors and supported young people. I was able to gain experience such as supporting the hosting of the CCOP Annual Session, Steering Committee Meeting and had the opportunity to acquire professional knowledge. And I felt personally proud because I was able to contribute the organization through participation in various activities.


3. Ms. Nakyoung Koo

I am deeply grateful to the MOFA Energy International Organization Intern Project and CCOP for giving me this great opportunity. I majored in Environmental Engineering and I am enrolled in Master's program in AI Education. I feel that the knowledge I learned is relevant to which CCOP is forcusing on, and I would like to learn more in the future. Through the recently organized CCOP Annual Session and Steering Committee Meeting, I had the valuable experience of interacting with geology experts from around the world. My internship experience helped me develop a global perspective as I interacted with colleagues from various countries and cultural backgrounds.