Integrated Geoscience Data Processing Project (IGDP)

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Duration:  Phase III, 2021-2025 ( 5 years)

Funding Source: China Geological Survey

Project Summary / Brief Description

With the developemnt of data and information technology, artifical intelligence and their application in geosciences, especially cross-disciplinary data sharing and knowledge system construction, integrated geoscience data processing has become a key issue for supporting the up-coming data-driven geoscience and natural resources discoveries. Efficient and high quality data coordination, cleaning, processing, intepretation and release/sharing are of key and essential importance. 

To share techniques and expertises in geoscience data processing with CCOP/ASEAN countries, China Geological Survey(CGS) is willing to support this project of IGDP phase III, which was accepted at the 74th  CCOP Steering Committee Meeting in March 2019  and listed in CCOP Strategy Plan 2021-2025, to continue cooperation with CCOP/ASEAN in geoscience data and knowledge sharing by both training courses of modern geoscience data processing technology and science and practical geophysical and geological compilations with intellegence to update geoscience maps of the region, which can help directly to manpower capacity building and knowledge enhencement of geoscienceinstitutes and geological surveys of CCOP Member Countries and ASEAN states.


To help CCOP fully implement its 2021-2025 Strategic Plan and Action Plan, especially supporting the most important issues of digital transformation of the new strategy, CGS-CCOP-ASEAN Integrated Geoscience Data Processing project (IGDP project) will conduct a 5-year period work in knowledge enhancement and sharing on geoscience information, big data, geoinformatics and geo-archive in collaboration with relevant international organizations and partners.

   ● To improve manpower capacities in the fields of geoscience information and big data for a better digital transformation of geological surveys and geoscience organizations in CCOP region.

   ● To promote to provide better practices including lite tech and tools to CCOP/ASEAN Member Countries (MCs) helping cope with challenges from a wide range of knowledge and information towards ensuring UN 2030 SDGs goals to be achieved.

   ● To enhance cooperation among the MCs and with international communities in geoscience information standards, knowledge systems and advanced technologies for efficient management of geological resources, environments and geohazards.


Capacity building:

   ● Advanced training courses of modern geoscience data processing and sharing technology and standards.

   ● Web-based geoscience data processing, artificial intellgence, and data services release and sharing.

Knowledge Enhancement 

   ● geophysical and geological compilations and intepretation to update geoscience maps and understanding of the CCOP region geology, natural resources and hazards


With the full implementation of IGDP project and close cooperation among CCOP MCs and international communities, geoscience institutes and geological surveys, as well as scientists of CCOP/ASEAN countries will benefit greatly in multiple disciplinary manpower capacities building, advanced geoinformation and mapping technology, efficient geological survey and fast data release, big data practices and digital transformation, promotion of geoscience education and outreach, and benefit in higher level collaborations and friendships of the CCOP family as well. Four expected outcomes and products would be as followings.


   ● Five training courses and workshops in 5 years on advanced geoinformation and big data technology and some 200 trained geoscientists in data processing techniques.

   ● Enhanced and widened cooperation/collaboration links among MCs and with international partners.


   ● Report of gravity data update of MCs and digital gravity anomaly map of CCOP, including interpretations.


   ● Software tools and online systems for integrated geoscience data processing and geosciences information release and sharing.


   ● Gravity anomaly map of CCOP ( update in digital format).

   ● Relevant papers of CCOP regional gravity anomaly compilation and of integrated geoscience data processing technology.