Geoscience Data Repository (GDR) Platform in CCOP

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Duration:  Phase I: 2019-2024 (6 year); Phase II: 2025-2028 (4 year)

Funding Source:  Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM)


Project Summary / Background

KIGAM is developing new integrated geoscience data repository system to manage digital research data and physical samples, and to share them with domestic and international communities. KIGAM has many geoscience data which are remained as potentially useful. The diversity and the quantity of these geoscience data continue to expand, and thus the data repository system is needed to support the preservation of and access to the public. This data repository system collects, manages, and shares data produced back in 100 years ago and in the future.

The purpose of this study is to establish the construction of similar geoscience data repository system for CCOP building upon the ongoing database activities of CCOP.  This study is in accord with CCOP’s strategic plan on data and information as follows.

a) Facilitate data sharing: The sharing of Earth science data and information can enhance the productivity of the economy of and generate other significant benefits for all our Member Countries.

b) Efficient exchange of data: An efficient, fast and seamless Earth science data exchange is vital for today’s society. At the same time such exchange should not create risks of violating confidentiality and privacy that may be associated with the data. CCOP recognizes that to deliver a technology that would effectively fit both of these strategic needs is an important technological, economic and social challenge.

The establishment and use of a data repository system will improve the sharing and delivery of data and information across boundaries and encourage a culture of knowledge-exchange excellence within the CCOP Technical Secretariat and Member Countries.

The 72nd CCOP Steering Committee Meeting held on 4-7 March 2019 in Samui Island, Thailand endorsed this GDR project for implementation from May 2019.  The formed project working group (GDR-WG) was invited to the project’s kick-off meeting held on 29-31 October 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand, with the objective of identifying the common requirements for the development of GDR system for CCOP Member Countries’ use. The GDR system prototype used at the Kick-off meeting was improved according to the suggestions of the GDR-WG, and was presented at the GDR First Virtual Workshop held on 20-21 October 2020 using the Zoom Meeting application.


Goal:  Easy access to geoscience data for international research towards sustainable environment 


•    To establish a regional geoscience data repository system 
•    To uniquely identify geoscience data using International Geo Sample Number (IGSN)
•    To form a working group for the design and development of the GDR system 
•    To train the working group members in the use of the GDR system.



•    Collection and organizing of various geoscientific research and survey data in CCOP countries.
•    The data can be samples such as rock, mineral, fossil, sediment, soil, water and its analysis data. The scope of the data can be expanded.
•    Upload sample information of CCOP member countries to GDR system and construct Database
•    Construction of GDR (Geoscience Data Repository) system for CCOP countries by KIGAM. 
•    Holding of workshop 1 time per year by CCOP for training and procedure of the project
•    Upload data and maintain data quality by each member country and National coordinators.
•    Capacity Building for the GDR system and big data science.
•    Registration to IGSN (International Geo Sample Number) system.



•    The use of the GDR system in respective CCOP Member Countries’ organizations.  The GDR Web System is tentatively accessible from this url, 
•    Trained personnel in classifying and organizing geoscience data using the GDR system
•    Web accessibility of non-confidential geoscience data of CCOP Member Countries

GDR Project First Virtual Workshop, 2020 October 20-21  


 GDR Project Kick-Off Meeting, 2019 October 29-31, Bangkok, Thailand