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CCOP-KIGAM Urban Geology Project: “Urban Geology Technology Transfer for Sustainable Cities in East and Southeast Asia”

Duration: 4 years (2021 – 2024)

Funding Source: KIGAM


KIGAM has recently developed the smart Integrated Solution System Technology (ISST) in response to cities’ complex geological disasters. The key purposes of the technology are:

  1. To develop information and processing technology for urban geo-location and environmental data;

  2. To detect any geohazards or disaster for the establishment of the intelligent monitoring and predictive evaluation techniques;

  3. To evaluate the complex geological disaster vulnerability; and

  4. To develop the responsive technology for long-term changes in urban coastal and river

KIGAM supports this project with the intention to collaborate, share and transfer of smart Integrated Solution Technology to the CCOP Member Countries. At the end of this proposed project, all MCs will collaborate to prepare a set of regional urban geology project proposal. KIGAM/CCOP will submit the proposal to apply for international funding agencies such as the World Bank and ADB (the Asian Development Bank).


To establish the international cooperative network to promote the smart Integrated Solution Technology Transfer System on Urban Geology to CCOP MCs in SE Asia.

  1. Establishment of an international cooperative network, CCOP-KIGAM Technology Transfer System to share and promote the smart Integrated Solution Technology on urban geology under the umbrella of CCOP.
  2. Sharing and promotion of a small Integrated Solution Technologies of KIGAM to CCOP Member Countries in East and Southeast Asia;
  3. Suggestion of research project to be funded by international funding agencies through CCOP with collaboration of CCOP Member Countries and Cooperating Countries.
Scope / Timeline

2021: Acquire and promote solutions and technology on urban geology through technology dominant CCOP Cooperating and Member Countries; International seminar on urban geological hazards and disasters will be hold for experts from CCOP MCs and partners.
2022: Establishment of urban geological research network among CCOP CCs and MCs; Convening technical workshops and training course on urban geological disaster for experts in the CCOP MCs and partners; Opening a special session of UG at the Annual Session of the CCOP and establishing a promotional booth;
2023: Holding technical workshop and training on urban geology for experts in the CCOP MCs; Exhibit a promotion booth to promote the KIGAM’s smart Integrated Solution Technology on UG and its related geological hazards and disasters at the Annual Session of the CCOP; Preparation of technological transfer for the KIGAM’s smart Integrated Solution Technology on UG to CCOP MCs in SE Asia; Preparation of a project proposal for international funds for UG disaster;
2024: Establishment of a KIGAM technology promotion booth for the KIGAM’s smart Integrated Solution Technology on urban geology at the CCOP Steering Committee Meeting; Transferring KIGAM’s smart Integrated Solution Technologies of UG from KIGAM to other mega cities of CCOP MCs in SE Asia; and submission of proposals for international fund projects through urban geological disaster cooperatives.

  1. A summary report on Urban Geology of East and Southeast Asia. The report will summarize the status of Urban Geology for CCOP Member Countries compiled from Member Countries reports on past-present-future urban geology of major cities especially those located next or near to coastal zones. There will also be a section summarizing on scientific and technology achievement on urban geology from MCs and CCs;
  2. An Expert Group on Urban Geology from CCOP MCs.

Online CCOP – KIGAM Urban Geology Project International Seminar                                                                                                                                                                        Hybrid on 10 November 2021, 14:00 – 18:35 (Bangkok Time)

The CCOP-KIGAM Urban Geology Workshop with the theme: "Urban Geology Technology Sharing for Sustainable Cities in East and Southeast Asia".                                           Hybrid on 20-22 September 2022 in Singapore                                                  

The CCOP-KIGAM-MGB Urban Geology Workshop 2023 with the theme: "Understanding and Mitigating Subsidence Hazards in Urban Areas".                                                       Onsite on 6-8 June 2023 in Davao City, Philippines